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Two Little Fishies’ PhosBan Reactor 150 Review

I recently purchased a Two Little Fishies’ PhosBan Reactor 150 to replace my old Kent Marine Nautilus phosphate reactor. The Nautilus has served me well since 2009, when I had my battle with brown diatomaceous algae in my tank, but the rubber gasket O ring that secures the top plate has hardened with age and […]


Simple Feeding Clip Modification

Ever notice how tangs and herbivorous fish always manage to pull out that piece of dried seaweed you’ve carefully inserted into the feeding clip? It sure defeats the purpose of using a feeding clip in the first place as they yank that clump of seaweed free in no time, setting it floating about freely, only […]


Chemi-Pure Blue Review

According to Boyd Enterprises, Chemi-Pure Blue is made up of premium grade activated carbons and ion exchange resins. Which, as most Chemi-Pure aficionados will know, is the decades old, standard formula for regular Chemi-Pure. So how does Chemi-Pure Blue differ? Well, I was curious myself and decided to get an 11 oz pack. The 11 […]

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