Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium Filtration With Less Technology And More Biology

Nature is very capable of keeping the marine inhabitants in our saltwater aquariums alive and thriving.

As we read in our article on The Nitrogen Cycle and Aquarium Cycling, the nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria in our live rock and sandbed are responsible for converting fish waste from poisonous ammonia and nitrite to nitrate and harmless nitrogen gas. This natural biological filter is the very foundation of our aquarium filtration system.

Aquarium Filtration

Good aquarium filtration means happy fish!

The only thing that our biological filter asks of us is that we keep up with regular monthly water changes, monitor basic water parameters and that we do not overpopulate our aquariums or overfeed.

But at times, even our otherwise ultra-efficient biological filter needs a little help.

For example, when a fish goes missing and dies, or a well-meaning relative dumps an extraordinary amount of flake food into the tank — all these can cause a sudden surge in ammonia. Our bacterial populations may become temporarily overwhelmed and unable to process the ammonia and nitrite quickly enough.

And this is where natural aquarium filtration meets technology.

A properly cycled saltwater aquarium running an efficient protein skimmer, activated carbon and a phosphate reactor almost never encounters a biological disaster.

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