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Simple Feeding Clip Modification

Ever notice how tangs and herbivorous fish always manage to pull out that piece of dried seaweed you’ve carefully inserted into the feeding clip? It sure defeats the purpose of using a feeding clip in the first place as they yank that clump of seaweed free in no time, setting it floating about freely, only […]


New Tank Syndrome | Don’t Let It Happen To You!

A Personal Experience With New Tank Syndrome There was a saltwater aquarium at the recording studio I was working at about 10 years ago. Located in the reception area, it was a converted freshwater tank, about 4-feet long, one and a half feet wide, and 2 feet deep. It was set up, largely on a whim, by the studio owner. Mind you, […]


Diatomaceous Algae Taking Over Your Saltwater Aquarium?

A couple of years ago, one of my saltwater aquariums developed a serious problem with diatomaceous algae. This dreaded ‘brown monster’ has been a bane to many a reefkeeper. Diatomaceous algae, when rampant, has caused many saltwater aquarium enthusiasts to tear down their tanks and leave the hobby. Attempting to control it is extremely frustrating […]


Aquarium Sump As A Second Display Tank?

Aquarium sump refugiums are usually filled with macroalgae which help absorb nitrates and phosphates, taking some of the (bio)load off the biological filter. Most aquarists are content to keep a green mass of chaetomorpha on a reverse lighting schedule.  The light keeps the chaeto growing, while the reverse lighting schedule helps to maintain good pH levels while […]

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