Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Planning A Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Whether you’re going with a ready-made tank or custom building your own, planning a saltwater aquarium setup is one of the most challenging things any beginning saltwater hobbyist will face.

Saltwater Aquarium Setup

A well-designed saltwater aquarium setup

In fact, every new saltwater aquarium setup poses it own set of problems, choices and solutions.  Not to mention the challenge of bringing everything in within budget!

Fail To Plan, And Plan To Fail

This adage definitely holds true when it comes to setting up a saltwater aquarium.

I cannot stress the importance of research.

When I started my first saltwater aquarium in 2005, I spent months researching as much about this hobby as I could.

But information pertaining to saltwater aquariums back then was sometimes piecemeal and usually very scattered. Even the authority websites on saltwater aquarium keeping had plenty of information but trying to look up a specific thing on these sites meant that you had to dig through countless pages to get to what you were looking for.

Couple this enormous amount of research with some conflicting and bad advice from a few LFS’s in my area and you can imagine my general confusion. And this is why I started this website — to cut to the heart of what seems to be a complex hobby and get right back to the fundamentals to help you get your saltwater aquarium setup up and running, sooner rather than later.

And even if you are plan to rely on your LFS to design and setup your saltwater aquarium for you, it is always good to have an understanding of the basics of aquarium setup — it will help you ensure that your LFS is providing you with the most efficient and cost-effective components for your budget.

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