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Tunze 9012 DC Skimmer Review

I recently purchased a Tunze 9012 DC skimmer to replace by old Tunze 9010 which has been working faithfully in my tank since 2005. In the 12 years it’s been running, I’ve only dismantled and cleaned out the pump about three times! So when the 9010 stopped producing skimmate about a month ago — a […]


Aquarium Sump As A Second Display Tank?

Aquarium sump refugiums are usually filled with macroalgae which help absorb nitrates and phosphates, taking some of the (bio)load off the biological filter. Most aquarists are content to keep a green mass of chaetomorpha on a reverse lighting schedule.  The light keeps the chaeto growing, while the reverse lighting schedule helps to maintain good pH levels while […]

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