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Two Little Fishies’ PhosBan Reactor 150 Review

I recently purchased a Two Little Fishies’ PhosBan Reactor 150 to replace my old Kent Marine Nautilus phosphate reactor. The Nautilus has served me well since 2009, when I had my battle with brown diatomaceous algae in my tank, but the rubber gasket O ring that secures the top plate has hardened with age and […]


Diatomaceous Algae Taking Over Your Saltwater Aquarium?

A couple of years ago, one of my saltwater aquariums developed a serious problem with diatomaceous algae. This dreaded ‘brown monster’ has been a bane to many a reefkeeper. Diatomaceous algae, when rampant, has caused many saltwater aquarium enthusiasts to tear down their tanks and leave the hobby. Attempting to control it is extremely frustrating […]

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