Water Parameters

Reef Tank Water ParametersWater is the lifeblood of our saltwater aquarium and it is our responsibility to ensure that water parameters are stable and within ideal range.

In a FOWLR (fish-only-with-live-rock) aquarium, we can get by with monitoring the basic water parameters of pH, temperature and nitrate.

In a full-blown reef aquarium with SPS and LPS corals, we would also need to monitor alkalinity, calcium, phosphate and magnesium — with the added options of testing for strontium, iodine, dissolved oxygen, silicate, boron and organics.

If this is all starting to sound like a big, daunting science experiment, relax..

Dilution Is The Solution To Pollution

When water parameters drift out of ideal range, it can usually be attributed to one thing — a lack of regular water changes.

A 10% to 15% monthly water change, using a good, reputable synthetic salt mix and reverse osmosis/deionized water will give us ideal water parameters that will keep our most demanding corals happy.

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