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A lot has been said about the ideal water parameters for a reef aquarium.  But not much has been written about what exactly the cautionary and potentially dangerous levels are.  These are the water parameters that will cause us to lose livestock.

water parameters

Anemones do well only in ideal water conditions

While fish may be more tolerant of poor water conditions, the following water parameters are far more lethal to corals and invertebrates.  But as responsible aquarists, we should strive to maintain the best water quality possible for fish and invertebrate alike.

Poor Water Parameters For Corals And Invertebrates In A Reef Aquarium

Temperature:  Less than 24 degrees C, or more than 29 degrees C.

Specific Gravity:  Less than 1.019 or more than 1.027

pH:  Less than 7.7 or more than 8.7

Alkalinity:    Less than 5dKH, or more than 18dKH

Ammonia:  Any level above zero

Nitrite:  More than 0.02mg/l

Nitrate:  More than 30mg/l

Phosphate:  More than 0.15mg/l

Calcium:  Less than 275mg/l or more than 450mg/l

Magnesium:  Less than 1000mg/l or more than 1600mg/l


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